Our Developments Residential

We believe strongly in curating developments that sit well within their local environment taking design cues from the local vernacular to deliver individual development solutions on every site.


We deliver developments with a human scale where wellbeing is promoted though good design providing well-proportioned well-lit spaces with strong environmental performance and ease of adaption to respond to changing demands. Our ambition is to create positive developments that respond to people’s needs.

We currently have 9 residential schemes in the design and planning process including locations such as Caister-On-Sea, Lingwood, Hunstanton, Attleborough and South Walsham, and several other locations .

Torrington bring an institutional rigour to social responsible property development that is helping NCC deliver quality homes for Norfolk with a robust risk management framework and strong environmental performance.

– Simon Hughes, Director of Property Norfolk County Council


Residential services include:

  • Land sourcing
  • Planning optimisation & regeneration
  • Current market knowledge and advice
  • Detailed Design & Delivery
  • Cost effective sustainable solutions
  • Project Monitoring
  • Development Management
  • Project Management
  • Institutional standard risk management and governance
  • Financial analysis
  • Business planning